Website in a Day
Teaching Website in a Day with Weebly in Batesville!  

Robert Bahn, Business Consultant keeps our small business owners on task during our Website in a Day workshop in Batesville last week.  Packed room 16 attendees cranking out great websites!

Just a quick update to all our Weebly friends and those folks who plan to attend our Website in a Day workshop in the future!  Since April we have taught 7 Website in a Day workshops in 6 different locations around Northeast and North-Central Arkansas with more to come.  78 small business owners have turned out for our day long program and worked with us to help get their organizations found online.  Learn about upcoming workshops at our Weebly Training Schedule and grab a seat.

You can also read our latest AState Small Business blog article all about our training, check out the video and share with your friends.  Looking forward to seeing the great websites you build and want to share with our friends.  Meanwhile check out our latest YouTube Video about our classes, below.


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