SEO Scams and How to Avoid Them

Avoid SEO ScamsSay NO! To SEO Scammers
Scammers and con artists have found a fertile "hunting ground" on the internet targeting small businesses.  Have you ever gotten a phone call or an email from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist promising to put you on Page One of Google?...for a modest fee of course..?

These unsolicited contacts are becoming more and more frequent...some of the snake oil peddlers even claim to be calling from GOOGLE!  Which of course they are not...

So how do you know if the person offering to improve your SEO is legitimate or not?  Check out this video by Eric Spellmann with Spellmann and Associates and he will share the truth about SEO Scammers, how to know if you are talking to one, and how to steer clear of their promises...after all...if it sounds too good to be probably is.

Now it is your turn...have you had an experience with an internet scam artist?  Let us know.  


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