Balancing Content with Design for an Optimized Website

To get the most out of a website today it is important to find a balance between making your website searchable by web crawlers for search engine optimization AND a well designed site to keep visitors engaged.

Ranking well on search engines does you no good if your design does not grab the visitor once he lands on your page and encourage them to stay to visit other pages, watch your videos, or fill out your forms.

In other words you must find a good balance between "feeding" the spider-bots for SEO (search engine optimization) and "feeding" the human visitor for HEO (human eye optimization). Both are critical to get the most out of your new website.

Is one more portent than the other? If so which one? And, what are your options?

Since "experts" in web design and SEO spend their entire careers trying to answer this question I thought it would be best for our readers to hear (and see) what one expert had to say.

Below is a short video (5minutes) by Eric Spelmann, with Spellmann and Associates, a web design and Internet marketing firm out of Amorillo, TX. I met Eric at a national association meeting several years ago and have been following his on-line tips ever since. The video below was posted last week about the balance of content and design and is well worth watching.
One important piece to rember is that search engines, especially Google, are constantly tweaking the algorithm or mathematical formula to make search more efficient. Sometimes it is a major overhaul which means you need to stay "in the loop" on changes how it will impact your search performance.

Spellmann's blog is a good resource that is worth adding to your RSS feed to stay informed and be an effective online marketer.


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